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About the Race

An official Adventure racing Ireland Hike|Bike|Kayak event

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There are two course options






Beyond adventure race


15th October 2022


Beyond adventure race


15th October 2022



Date: 15th October 2022
Location: Lough Eske Donegal 
Duration: 4 hour event and 8 hour event
Entries: Open Now!
Team size: 2 person
Official Adventure Race Ireland Series

Mixed (Minimum 1 female team member)
Female (All female team members)
Male (All male team members)

Super Early Bird – Ends Midnight 30th June 2022

SPRINT 4HR RACE – €70 pp (€140)
ENDURANCE 8HR – €90 pp (€180) 

Standard Entry

SPRINT 4HR RACE – €80 pp (€160)
ENDURANCE 8HR – €100 pp (€200)

In very general terms;

Beyond 8hr teams in general can expect approximate total distances of trekking 25-35km, mountain biking 60-70km and kayaking approx 10-15km.

Beyond 4hr teams in general can expect approximate total distances of trekking 10-15km, mountain biking 30-40km and kayaking 5-8km.

7:00am – Transition area opens for both races.
8:00am – 8hr Course map handout
9:00am – 8hr Race starts 

12noon – 4hr Course map handout
1:00pm – 4hr Race starts 


The start line, transitions and finish are all based at Race HQ, which you will receive on completing your race entry.

All teams begin the adventure at the same point, then navigate their way through each leg consecutively. At the end of each leg is a Transition Area where you change from one discipline to another. At Transition Areas you can refuel eat hydrate change into fresh dry clothes, shoes and do general running repairs to keep you in the race, supporters are very welcome to come along to transition.

While on the course, team members must stay within 100m of each other for the entire race. The winning team in each category will be the first team across the finish line after successfully completing all legs of the course.

To foster an adventurous spirit, and save some of the excitement for race day, the exact course will not be released until the day of the event. All teams will be given the course at the same time, at the course briefing.

There is no cut off.

Environmental impact is a major concern and it is expected that competitors be aware of this. Generally adventure racers are responsible when it comes to looking after the environment in which they are racing, and we hope that this will continue with Beyond AR. The race rules detail some specific environmental requirements.

No specific provisions have been made for water resupply on the course (it is an adventure race after all!). Teams will need to carefully consider their water needs. This includes how much to carry and whether it is likely that water will be found on the course.

While racing, note that no specific provision is made for water on the course. You and your team will need to source water as you go. It is highly recommended that you have your transition area stocked with water for each leg of the event.

Generally teams will need to be prepared for all weather conditions. It is a good idea when the location is announced to research the local weather and climate. This way your team can be better prepared for what may be in store.

All Entries close on the Sunday evening, one week before the event. You do not need to have your team members confirmed to enter however full payment is still due.

Refund & Event Entry Adjustment Policy for Adventure Racing Ireland

  1. 1.1  ARI appreciates that members may have valid reasons to request a refund for an entry fee paid for an event and will always endeavour to find an amicable solution for all parties concerned.

  2. 1.2  Members should appreciate that ARI is a voluntary organisation with limited resources, manpower and services available and this may affect our ability to offer full/partial refund to members for every event.

    Name Changes up to a day prior to an event.

1.6 All members seeking refunds/exchange must adhere to the following criteria

  •   Member of ARI (Year of competition) or have purchased a one-day licence (for a specific


  •   Must submit a refund request via email at least 4 weeks prior to an event.

  •   Must provide the correct contact details when making a refund or transfer.

    Refund and Event Entry Adjustment Process

  1. 2.1  ARI requests that any member seeking a refund must contact the events team at least 4 weeks prior to event taking place.

  2. 2.2  Name adjustments to teams entered on team AR races may be requested up to a day before an event.

  3. 2.2  ARI will review individual requests on a case-by-case basis prior to each event-taking place. Once an email is received, the events team will be consulted.

  4. 2.3  Assuming all criteria has been met, a refund or event exchange will be offered.

Your race entry fees includes:

  • Official Beyond AR Medal for finishers 
  • A high quality adventure racing course in a great location;

  • On-site first response teams for emergency first aid;

  • All race maps for your team;

  • Kayaks included;

  • Official race vest to wear during the event;

  • Great live web coverage throughout;

  • The most beautiful backdrop and memorable adventure racing of your life!

It is our aim to provide you and your team the best quality event we can. Admittedly, it isn’t cheap to enter, but neither is it cheap to run an adventure race of this scale, in a new location each year. 

Race Ireland, have a program in place to offer discount vouchers to teams who generate positive media coverage for themselves and the event (e.g. have articles published, appear on news, do interviews etc).

In recognition of additional travel costs for international teams/competitors and potential exchange rate disadvantages, each bona fide international competitor residing outside the island of Ireland may receive a 15% discount on their portion of the entry fee. On the entry form manually calculate this discount, select the discount voucher payment option, then pay your required amount.

Agree to the conditions, declarations and indemnifications outlined in the Acknowledgment Waiver and Release form for competitors and be willing to sign on completion of the entry form.

Each team member must have personal medical insurance cover that includes ambulance cover or travel insurance covering medical costs including medical transportation for an injury sustained during a competitive event.

The event organisers have a public liability insurance policy to the value of €6.5 million euro. This is a compulsory insurance policy for events that are organised on, or cross through, any form of government land/public place. This however is not personal accident insurance for you! It is recommended you have your own personal accident insurance.

Mandatory Race Kit :

  • Quality Waterproof Jacket and Overpants
  • Space blanket
  • First Aid Kit (one per team) includes antiseptic wipes, plasters, triangular and Crepe bandage with fasteners)
  • Whistle
  • Bike Map Holder (one per team)
  • Mobile Phone in a waterproof case (one per team)
  • Bike Helmet
  • Spare Tube, pump & tyre levers
  •  Bike lights mounted on the front and back of the bike

Paddles and PDF’s will be provided however If you choose to bring your own paddles and or PFDs please ensure they are clearly marked with your name in your transition area.

Equipment checks will be carried out randomly throughout the race. It will be your team’s responsibility to ensure you have all mandatory items at the above specified times. Penalties associated with deficient items at an equipment check during the race will be severe.

by Jason Black, Race Organiser/Director

8 hours of non-stop activity is hard work in anyone’s book, period. However, finishing the race should be achievable for teams who start with a reasonable fitness base, and then complete a specific endurance-training program prior to the race. Whatever the race strategy you choose, the successful teams will know their strengths and weaknesses, and plan their race accordingly.

Both courses that we have designed it NOT technical. It is our aim to push you physically and mentally, not technically.

You should also consider that a lot of teams wont be in the race to compete for first place, their aim will be to simply finish. They enter because they want to push themselves and their teams harder than they think is possible, and for longer than they believe they can. They want to challenge their perceived limits and go past them!. However teams should remember that they are firstly competing against themselves, and we encourage them regardless of speed and pace to keep pushing to see if they can complete the course.

What makes adventure racing so different from any other form of multisport is teamwork. Without it your team may fall apart at the first sign of stress. It is THE major element in successful teams. Teamwork is thinking about your team mates first and yourself second.

Remember: a team is only as strong as the weakest member, and at some time in the race YOU will be the weakest member. Yes, team work means carrying each others packs. It means singing and laughing to each other to keep each other going. It is sharing the highs and lows. A good team says all equipment is ours, all problems are ours, all mistakes are ours, and all successes are ours. 

This is the ultimate test of physical and mental limits. It is the major focus of the event and the crown jewel for most teams. It is tough and may have you on the go for 6-8 hours or more and we don’t expect that every team to complete the course in the time limit. It wouldn’t have a reputation as a tough event if everyone could do it! No  provisions are made for feeding, you will need to carry and plan your own feeding strategy.

This is ideal for beginner teams who want a little more time to enjoy the experience. Competitors begin the race at  1pm. The course tends to be interwoven with the Full Course meaning you are often traveling the same sections covered in the full. Competitors have no cut off time for this course.

Which one is for you? It is totally up to you however if you are a novice team we recommend firstly trying out the sprint 4hr. The extra time and shorter distance will give your team a greater chance at being able to finish the race.

The main disciplines are HIKE | BIKE | KAYAK | NAVIGATION 
The navigation for the sprint 4hr is very easy and basic Points Of Interest to find however the Endurance 8hr teams will need to be well practiced in their navigation. 

Each year additional disciplines may be included depending on the race location. If these are included they will be promulgated in the Competitor Information Pack.


These can be found at http://adventureracing.ie/teamadventureseries2022/

Kayaks are plastic sit on top. Easy to paddle and very safe.

Paddles and PFDs are provided – or bring your own if you choose.


It is the team’s responsibility to ensure all items are on you. Penalties associated with deficient items at an equipment check during the race will be severe (and may include disqualification).

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