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Bluestack Way Ultra

This is a 2023 Trail Running event. 

25k ultra way

Entry price €49


August 5th 2023

Start time - 8.00 am


25km Trail Run


43k ultra way

Entry price €69


August 5th 2023

Start time - 7.00 am


43km Trail Run


Trail Course

This is the exact race course 

Winners Prizes 2023

25km Female


25km Male


43Km Female


43km male



25km €49 per solo athlete.

43km €69 per Solo athlete. 

Entry Fee Includes

Full Race Services, Medal, GPS Tracking,

If you cancel your entry after March 1st you will receive a 70% refund.

If you cancel your entry after May 1st you will receive a 50% refund.

If you cancel your entry within 3 weeks of the start line no refund will be applied.

Entry can be transferred to the following year on a one time basis.

There will be no refund on a transferred entry.

Supported rules are simple and short but important to adhere to for your safety with no exceptions.

  • Everyone follows the event specific fixed GPX course.
  • The Event organisers provides no food or hydration during the event however your support crew can re-feed and hydrate you anywhere on the course. 
  • Everyone (Athletes and Crew) will respect all competitors. 
  • If you go off course you must return to the point to leave the course and you cannot join back into the route further up the road. 
  • Athletes own personal and health insurance is mandatory.
  • Start line and finish lines are both in remote locations with some accommodation please build this thinking into your pre post race planning.
  • Athletes/crews abandoning the race must call 0879814461 to formally withdraw. 
  • Everyone is responsible for his/her actions, and think safety first when making decisions.
  • Common sense always applies. 
  • Finally we leave no trace, all rubbish must be taken home, you discard nothing.
  • At Race Ireland we care about the environment.

Race Contacts

While the race is in progress, you can get in touch with the team via

SMS / Helpline:

Jason Black (First poc) 0035387 9814461
Laura Black (Second poc) 0035387 4455111
Sharon Black (final poc) 0035386 0753084

Race Mass Start 

43km START 8:00am August 5th 2023
Start line : Harveys point Hotel
Finish line: Ardara Town

25km START 9:00am August 5th 2023
Start line : Carnawee football pitch
Finish line: Ardara Town

All finishers will receive a Bluestack ultra runner Finishers medal.

Social Media 

Instagram: @race_ireland

Facebook: facebook.com/RaceIreland

In addition to following Athletes on our website and social media sites, will be sending out updates, images and commentary on everyones progress.

Primal tracking is supplying the tracking services and GPS units to each athlete allowing family friends sponsors and charities follow the event on the route maps
The official hashtag for the event is #BluestackWayUltra

Sign On

25km Route sign-on opens at Harveys point hotel, 7am on August 5th, 2023

43km Route sign-on opens Harveys point hotel at 6am on August 5th, 2023 

GPS tracking 

The trackers weigh just a little under 100 grams! They will be switched on for you on arrival and will stay going for the duration of the event. The interval is set to 5 minutes. The device is waterproof but it is best to protect it and keep it somewhere dry, especially during heavy rain. The device should run for a week when fully charged. 

The unit uses GPS satellites and cellular networks to transmit the location data. It is sensitive enough that you can keep it in a bag or pocket. Make sure it is not directly near your smartphone or other GPS devices for best performance. 

Please turn on and test your tracker as soon as you can after registration.

Your name and number will show up live on the race map on the race Ireland website for friends family, your charity and sponsors to follow in support.


What happens on the road is anyone’s bet and should unforeseeable events prevent you from continuing and you decide to drop out or ‘scratch’, please report this as soon as possible by text/calling the race number +353879814461 directly. Include as much detail as you can, especially your name and  number. You should also make your friends and family aware as soon as possible, including your next of kin. 

Note that all are welcome to celebrate with us at the finish line however you get there, including those who cannot finish for any reason. Please note that if you scratch, you are responsible for your onward travel whatever the destination you chose. Bluestacks Ultra volunteers will not come out to collect you or make any arrangements for you. That said, please let us know if you are at serious risk or in danger and we will do our best to help.







In Donegal Town – paid parking in most of the town centre car parks as well as for on street parking (50 cent per hour on street and 30 cent per hour in car parks in September 2022)
In Glenties – free street parking and the car park at the chapel is also free
In Ardara – free street parking and also free parking in the town’s public car park (behind the main street about half way

In Donegal Town – All services
On the route at Lough Eske – two 4 star hotels serve food and drink
In Glenties – All services
In Ardara – All services down the hill)

Emergency numbers 

The national emergency number (toll free from any phone) is 999 or 112

Bluestack Record holders

25km female


The Record holder is ..TBC.. on 3rd June 2023.

50km female


The Record holder is ..TBC.. on 3rd June 2023.

25km male


The Record holder is ..TBC… on 3rd June 2023.

50km male


The Record holder is ..TBC… on 3rd June 2023.

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